Water Sprinkler with LPG Detection, Notification, and Control System and GSM Module

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Muhammad Ahmad Baballe
Auwal Rabiu Dansharif
Nuhu A. Muhammad
Amina Ibrahim


This system intends to show an automatic design that can detect, alert, and regulate gas leakage by employing an exhaust fan to remove gas from the area when there is a leak and a sprinkler to put out a fire in the event of a fire break-out. An alarm is triggered, an exhaust fan moves the gas outside, and a liquid crystal display (LCD) indicates how the system is functioning despite any distortions in the event of a gas leak. The Arduino UNO serves as the system's primary controller, and the buzzer serves as a notification device. In the case of a gas leak, notifications are sent via the GSM module to the registered cellphone number. The installation of a monitoring system for gas leaks in vulnerable areas is one of the steps done to stop accidents caused by this gas leak. The system uses a gas sensor (MQ) to find liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) leaks and a buzzer to notify nearby businesses, organizations, or individuals of the problem. The appliance is designed to be used in homes where running heaters and other natural gas or LPG-powered equipment can be challenging. For businesses or sectors that rely on natural gas or LPG for their operations, the system can also be used for other things.

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Muhammad Ahmad Baballe, Auwal Rabiu Dansharif, Nuhu A. Muhammad, & Amina Ibrahim. (2022). Water Sprinkler with LPG Detection, Notification, and Control System and GSM Module. International Journal on Recent Technologies in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 9(3), 117–127. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijrmee.v9i3.382


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