0.Analysis of Fabrication of Nylon Filament by FDM 3-D Printer in a Closed Environment

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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing process in which parts are produced by layer by layer addition. Model is made by using software like CAD, solid modeling and software like CURA divided the model into number of layer by slicing. Today 3-D printing is growing in all sectors like automobile, automotive, aerospace, medical science and in other sectors. In all these fields it is proven because of effective cost. In this research work parts will be manufactured according to ASTM standards. The material chosen for this work was Nylon. Usage of Nylon in AM not only opens new mechanical opportunities but also reduce the parts weight. 

Nylon is highly hygroscopic. It can absorbed 10% water of its weight. Also nylon has a warping issue because of its fast cooling nature. In an open atmosphere there is uneven cooling, uneven binding of layers, there is also a high chance of  dust enter in parts during manufacturing which may effects on surface finishing and mechanical properties of part. I have studied research paper on nylon used as a filament and conclusion made that nylon has high strength with durability and can opened good opportunities in industry specially for making gears.

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