Cooling Enhancement of MITTICOOL Clay Refrigerator with Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler

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Joshi Montu Devrambhai, Devang A. Thakar


At present time global warming is major problem for our environment .And it is going to no return stage at this stage the temperature is impossible to control and it going high and high. So to stop this stage with use of CFC free refrigeration System. Thermoelectric peltier Cooler is provided CFC free refrigeration and there is absence of compressor, so it is noise free refrigeration. MITTICOOL clay refrigerator is natural refrigerator made with clay which able to reduce up to 8 degree temperature than ambient temperature. But rate of Cooling is very slow. To increase rate of Cooling we can use thermoelectric peltier Cooler in it so we can get high rate of Cooling. So with combination of MITTICOOL clay refrigerator and thermoelectric peltier Cooler we can get high cooling effect without producing CFC ,noise and plastic pollution in environmental.

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