Simulation Study of Heat Exchanger Designed for Co2 Capturing Pilot Plant

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Adhyaru Dhruv Y., Hardik B. Patel, Umang R Soni


Heat exchanger is heart of the any heat transferring system, which is utilized to transfer the heat from one fluid to the other. Based on the fact shell & Tube heat exchanger is selected for the required CO2 capturing pilot plant to minimize the cost and low pressure drop. Matlab code has been generated for numerical calculation of heat exchanger basic component dimensions. The geometry of the heat exchanger has been made in the solid works part and Assembly module. The assembly of heat exchanger has been imported in the Ansys workbench and simulated with Ansys Fluent module. Our requirement for the stripper inlet of fluid from the tube side is 90?C and the fluid rejected from the stripper is nearly 120?C. The tube side inlet of fluid is at 40-45?C. This simulation study is carried out to achieve the temperature very close to the required inlet temperature in stripper for the desorption process of Co2 gas. From the results it has been observed that 80?C temperature has been achieved at 5LPM flow rate of fluid mixture which is reducing the power consumption for heating the fluid with mild heating heater.

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