Experimental and CFD Analysis of Muffler Guard of Two Wheeler for XTREME 200R Bike

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Sachin Chinchole
Rajesh R. Borse
Raghunath Patil


The automotive exhaust system is exposed to high temperature as the hot gases passes through it. The uniform distribution of heat is needed to enhance life of exhaust system components. Controlling the exhaust gas temperature, higher performance of the engine can be achieved. Measuring the exhaust gas temperature from automotive exhaust system is useful to understand the engine processes. The muffler guard or heat shields are used to protect the components and human body touching over it. Generally muffler guard design based on ergonomic, aesthetic consideration and heat dissipation behavior. In this project to study and analysis of current design of muffler guard and modify design of muffler guard. Comparison of improved design with old design and effectiveness. In order to obtain the optimized thermal performance of muffler guard for XTREME 200R Bike carried out by experimental and using analysis tool likes CFD and FEA in ANSYS software. For this project performance parameters such as temperature, gap between muffler and muffler guard along that carried out the performance parameter at various plotting graphs. Generally, exhaust guards are designed based on both ergonomic and numerical design. Target of this study is to analyze the current design of the guard for Hero extreme using analysis tools like CFD and experimental trial to study different parameters of the heat shield design.

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