Mechanical and Microstuctural Analysis of Dissimilar Metal Welding

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Tej Bahadur Rao
Vikas Kumar Tyagi


Welding procedure can be performed on comparable or unique metals. Welding of disparate metals includes various kinds of metals with unmistakable compound piece. The two disparate metals include in welding procedure have diverse mechanical properties and microstructures which thus may influence welding parameters like weld current, hold time, weld power and so on. At the point when a structure or part of a machine is construct or experience any fix system this adjustment in substance arrangement of metals get unmistakable. The distinction in synthetic piece of metals might be because of a few factors, for example, age solidifying, oxidation and so forth. The investigation of mechanical properties of welding is significant in light of the fact that welded structure might be introduced at very delicate and hazardous spot. Issue of development of between metallic compound may emerge which influence the weld quality. In this paper a short survey has been given on the work done on mechanical portrayal, microstructure properties of welded joints.

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