Design and Analysis of furnace Burner for Thermal Power plant using CFD

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S.B. Deokar
G.S. Dave
D.V. Khankal
R.M. Navale


In thermal tangentially fired boiler, the flame stability mainly dependent on the central swirl strength which characterizes the mixing between the air and fuel. In this work, numerical investigation is performed on 600MW pulverized coal tangentially fired dry-bottom boiler and validated with experimental data. The main focus of the work is to study the effects of burner firing angle and mass flow rate of primary air on the flow characteristics inside the burner. The important feature of the model is a tangential fired geometry where four burners are kept at the corners of the burner for generating swirling vortex in the center tangentially, which decides the flame propagation effectiveness and time to sustain flame for longer time and combustion efficiency. Optimization is performed for different design parameters like burner velocity and firing angle with objective function of enhancement of mixing efficiency in the furnace. For the designer of optimization and simulation makes it possible to find the optimum design and operating parameters. The literature is reviewed to understand the base case as shown in Figure 1 is simulated using the burners angle & velocity as mentioned in Table 1 and the numerical results for the base parameters are compared with the experimental results.

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