Optimization of Air Flow Distribution over Hot Rolled Coils using CFD

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S.H. Bobade
G.S. Dave
D.V. Khankal
R.M. Navale


This paper analyzes the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of air ?ow distribution from an axial fan over coils of hot rolled sheet. To avoid blade complicated geometry, an approach of body force model used rather than multi reference frame model. In body force model, the input pressure-air ?ow relationship is taken from fan curve provided by fan manufacture. The Dittus boelter equation used to determine the convection heat transfer coe?cient for cooling coils of hot rolled sheets. Results are obtained for three parameters, viz: e?ect of position of a ba?e plate to increase heat transfer rate, e?ect of spacing of adjacent coils of hot rolled sheets to increase heat transfer rate, e?ect of using ba?e plate at end of the last coil to increase heat transfer rate. At the end, the streamlines, obtained from fan model is veri?ed with experimental data which shows good agreement with each other.

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