Design of Pneumatic Bicycle with Solar Charging

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Mandar Patil
Ashok Korane


Pneumatic bicycles can be the next generation self-powered vehicles for short distance urban travelling, a long lasting solution to the rising pollution levels & decreasing fossil fuel reserves. Currently electric powered vehicles with no emission of combustible products are gaining momentum as an alternative over petrol, diesel & gas engines. But with limited reserves & disposal challenges of Lithium-Ion, a major component in the electric vehicles batteries, and a huge maintenance cost, a more focused approach is required to the development technology of engines run by compressed air for mobility solutions which can be economical & everlasting. With abundant solar energy to run compressors for refueling, a 100% pollution free vehicle is very much possible. Motor Development International, a French company has already brought Compressed Air Engine operated cars in the market which are pollution free. The auto giant "TATA Motors" in India has signed a MOU with MDI to develop & manufacture CAE cars in India. In this paper an effort is made to review the challenges faced by the pneumatic bicycles as a mobility solution for short distance travelling & derive solutions on the same. Though challenging today, pneumatic bicycles can be the best solution towards global warming for short distance urban mobility.

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