Design Optimization and Fe Analysis of Parallel Motion Fender

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Tushar A. Patel
Prof. Ashish Patel


In port area the problem of handling of large vessels at river bank is arises from many years. Many research has been gone throw in this area and one of the generalize solution has been found by using fender. A fender is the interface between a ship and the shore facilities. Generally, its main objective is to protect the ships hull from damage. In some cases its the shore facilities that require protection against impact of the ship. But the failure of fender is new problem that faces by the designer because of the heavy impact of the ship. This work regarding to the redesigning of the parallel motion fender that fails under torsion arm and give the probable solution for remove this problem. For achieving optimize parallel motion fender we use spring with outside guide to give it sufficient stiffness and move it parallel. Here force is applied at 0, 10 and 20.

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