Design and Fabrication of Water Waste Collecting Machine

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Mr. Rakesh.S.Nagula
Mr. Swarup.T.Ukarde
Mr. Mohd. Sharique Mohd. Ramzan Rangari
Mr. Manish. P.Tandel
Prof. Mr. Chetan Thakur


These days, the environment problems such as garbage waste areincreasing day by day in many cities in India. These problems arises due to industries waste, construction sitesand wastefrom building houses. And during the various festivals like ganpati visarjan, navratri there is lots of wastethrown in rivers which causes the river water beingpolluted. Due to floating of waste in rivers the water becomes smelly & dirty. In lakes also the waste can block the water flow. We are trying to design our project to use in easyand efficient way to collect the Wastages, and dispose in dumping grounds provided by governments.

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