Design and Analysis of Archimedes Aero-Foil Wind Turbine Blade for Light and Moderate Wind Speeds

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Dr S. Srinivasa Rao
Kota Shanmukesh
M K Naidu
Praveen Kalla


the paper focused on Archimedes wind turbine adopted for household domestic electricity generation. The design and analysis of Archimedes aero-foil wind turbine (AAWT) will be described below. The wind turbine is a converter which converts the kinetic energy into rotational energy or mechanical energy then convert it into electrical energy. Wind turbines classified into two types i.e. Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWTs) and Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWTs). Archimedes wind turbine (AWT) is a new type of Horizontal axis wind turbine comprising three circular blades which are wrapped around each other and then expanded. This special design ensures that more air is drawn into the turbine. AAWT is an enhanced form of AWT introducing aero-foil profile to the blade. The ultimate objective of this paper is the torque comparison of Archimedes aerofoil wind turbine with an Archimedes spiral wind turbine. The design of a new wind turbine blade has done by introducing NACA 6409 by using CREO software package and the computation fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was used to estimate the torque characteristics of the AAWT blade. From the CFD analysis, it is concluded that the torque obtained by AAWT is more at light and moderate wind speeds which means more suitable for urban areas.

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